Dog chewing shoe
Just The FAQ's

Critter Begone has a natural texture, taste and smell that works to keep animals and insects away from your important stuff! It all started with a friend that had a squirrel constantly chewing up her water drip lines to get a drink. Existing products kept washing off, had to be applied every week or just plain didn't work. A couple of formulations later we had a solution that worked all season long - one application and done.  

Over the years I kept hearing from friends that had similar problems with pets chewing slippers, mice and rats chewing cable insulation and even ants invading beehives. With a few more tweaks to the recipe and we now have the best product on the market to help you battle unwanted animal behavior.  In most cases a single application in a protected area is all you will ever need. We are so confident in our product that each sale comes with an unconditional satisfaction guarantee.  If it doesn't work for you, we will refund your purchase price. Below are some answers to common questions customers might have about Critter Begone.

Q. What kind of animals will this work on?

A. Any mammal you might want to train to avoid an area or stop a bad behavior.  It also works on insects like ants.

Q. I have a large area I want to protect. Can I get a lot of Critter Begone?

A. Yes you can!  We can ship out 5 gallons of the good stuff if you need it.

Q. I would like to use Critter Begone in my pest control business, do you offer discounts?

A. Yes, just send us an email or give us a call and we will discuss your needs and set up terms.

Q. Will Critter Begone harm the animals that come in contact with it?

A. No, it is very unpleasant for them but will not cause harm.  It is even safe to ingest, just don't go drinking 5 gallons of it 😉

Q. Will Critter Begone harm what I am applying it to?

A. We have extensively tested our product on car engines, computer cables, electrical wiring, clothing, shoes, slippers, wood, fabric, metal, plastics with no detrimental effects.